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  3. Neither does PayPal unless you are giving them a lot of revenue.
  4. Here are 2 dark wallpapers I found.
  5. I sold a device on swappable in October. The buyer broke the device and Swappa sent her to paypal. PayPal gave her the money back and I was out a good phone . Swappa don't protect anyone
  6. Whitney Bell on Swappa violates policy and +Swappa​ does nothing
  7. After they offered to replace their inferior product that is generic junk they opened a case with Ebay to block that return. Ebay has blocked anyone leaving negative feedback for this seller. New message from: rockatee (1,967) Hi David, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Please read below for instructions on starting a return. To return the item you will need to start a return request. Starting from your purchase history page, next the order>Click More Actions>Return this item>Select Return Reason>Input return description>Click Start return This will open a return request and our personnel who handles returns will be able to communicate you and can help you generate a RMA code so you can return the item. If you need assistance please reply back to this message and we'll do our best to help. Again, apologies about the inconvenience. Pattie XS[[22475181][MRSG0BI1QL43Z]] Reply Your previous message This screen protector once applied was broken. Zero instructions and a horrible adhesive. I have replaced many parts on phones and this was the worst. After installing nothing shows on the screen at all. The device was working perfect other than a cracked screen. What do you suggest about fixing it? Nothing i can do about a cracked screen. It applied fine but cracked after snapping the device back together. It needs more instructions. I wanted to contact you before leaving a negative feedback and rating. Thank you. Black Glass Touch Screen Replacement Digitizer Part LG G2 D800/D801/VS980/LS980
  8. Htc

    I need to unlock my phone
  9. Looks great. Gonna check it out. Sent from my HTC0PJA2KT using Tapatalk
  10. You can download this launcher from the links below. Flashable Version Apk Version
  12. This explosive app will bring High Definition wallpapers to your Android device, you will have access to have great wallpapers with extreme clarity and no storage hassle! One of the best things about Nocturnal Walls, we host your walls so you only download the ones you just choose, saving you data in the meantime. We add more and more high definition wallpapers daily! This app will also auto populate with the new wallpapers we add to the server so you wont have to worry about downloading an updated version of this app to gain access to the new walls!!! Thanks to the following people that contributed to this project -GruesomeWolf -BillBowers -Vinman12 -Budone -Powduh -mijjah74 -Bigtoysrock -Billyho7993 -JamieG -mrjaydee82 -NineInchNails -ChongoDroid -XsMagical -Benbailey84 To Apply wallpapers: Goto menu or where you would go to change your wallpaper Select Nocturnal Wallpapers Choose a wallpaper Push Apply Please don't Kang our work. Download the Nocturnal Wallpaper Below Tested on Android 2.2-7.0 Download from the Google Playstore
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