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  1. 3Minit Battery Free (Flashable) - 3Minit Battery Paid (Flashable) - AOSP Keyboard (Flashable) - ----------------------------------------------- DO NOT MIRROR ANY LINKS PLEASE No One Is Allowed To Use Any Part Of This ROM/Tweaks Unless I Specifically Give Authorization Install Instructions -Bootloader must be unlocked -Custom recovery (I Recommend TWRP) -Full Wipe (I always recommend) -Flash SinLessROM -From bootloader "fastboot flash vendor vendor.img" (posted by ROM Download Link) -Reboot phone to profit ROM Download - MD5 - dd53966458fc9be3ff073cf6486b7e10 Vendor - (fastboot flash vendor vendor.img) Bootloader - (fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-angler-angler-02.45.img) Radio - (fastboot flash radio radio-angler-angler-02.50.img) **Donations are appreciated but are not expected Donate Here or on Google Wallet **Just hitting thanks is greatly appreciated but also not expected...or even positive feedback..thank you to all running SinLessROM
  2. [HIDE] v3.1.0 Feb 1st 2016 [/HIDE] not needed...based off of stock kernel
  3. #1 Nexus 6 ROM!!! Best Performance and Best Battery With Many Features!!!! Nexus 6 I will keep ROM updated, always help when I can, and open to suggestions that users may want implented into the ROM...My goal is to keep the ROM Clean, Stable, and top Performance without compromising battery life with a Great Google Expierence. ***Note*** please read changelog in post #2 and further ROM feature instructions in post #3 before asking questions*** -Busyboxed -Rooted with SuperSU -SinLessROM Tweaks Settings -APM Options -Clear All Recent Options -build.prop tweaks -All system apps zipaligned for better ram optimization -Debloted (Deleted Google Apps which can be installed via Playstore) -Fast and Clean (Buttery Smooth) -System Tweaks -Performance Enhanced Tweaks -Better RAM Optimization Tweaks -Fantastic battery life -much more coming... Big Thanks To The Best Team ------------------------------ Hit me up on Google+ --------------------------- -Vomer and Stephen for parts of updater-script -fhem for his stock boot.img edits to allow boot (If you should be here, please pm me and I will add) ------------------------- - @Randomsmack If you are missing here please pm me so I can add you. *Thank you kindly to all my donators* ------------------------- tell me ---------------------------------- Users may use this if you like Banners Coming Soon ----------------------------- [hide]