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  1. VM13 BY TEAM-NOCTURNAL About VM13 VM13 is a AOSP Team-Nocturnal project with performance and features in mind. more info coming soon....VM13 is based off MMB29U android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Features VIPER AUDIO BUILT IN. Supports Enforcing Mode -init.d support-busybox -custom dpi -custom volume steps -lockscreen shortcuts -lockscreen weather -lockscreen fonts -custom date time -carrier text -network indicators -gestures -double tap sleep lockscreen -contextual headers -omni recents -recents customisable button -don't kill last app in recents -system animations -toast animations -camera shutter on/off -tons of tiles -double press pwr button to open camera -custom double press pwr button to open bottom right lockscreen short cut -vibrate intensity adjustmet -volume swap buttons on rotate -system app/privapp remover -wakebloker -custom dashboard columns view -costume dashboard tile view title -heads up -quick heads up access button in status bar -turn off super user indicator in status bar -show four tiles per row -enlarge first tile row -remove brightness slider from quick settings -quick pulldown right edge -lockscreen colors -lockscreen wallpaer on the fly -list view animations -three finger swipe screen shot -full screen recents -advanced pwr menu -screenshot in pwr menu -screen record in pwr menu -custom nav bar heights -dark or light on the fly theme -3mint battery supported -Nocturnal Tweaks Section -custom animation scales -tweaked for speed and stablity -cm theme engine much more I probably forgot. Our Team-GruesomeWolf-VinMan12-BillBowers-Powduh-Droidiac13-XsMagical-Brandon Montoya-BenBailey84Thanks ToEveryone at Team-NocturnalThe Oneplus CommunityShaftamle 5 row keyboard viper520 ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 MarshmallowROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.xROM Firmware Required: YOG4PAS1N0, or higherBased On: AOSP, && CyanogenmodVersion InformationStatus: StableStable Release Date: 2016-01-01Current Beta Version: VM13 6.0Beta Release Date: 2015-10-26Created 2015-10-27 Changelog Feb 19 2016 add theme tile add keyboard tile some source updates add laura kernel in ota updater Feb 8 2016-just some small code fixes -updated to new viper apk-added back support for older modem-added some su permissions-fix wifi tile slow connection time -update to r_13 from google-remove cm file manager with MixPlorer-remove camera 2 with camera next-remove gallery2 with new galleryFeb 02 2016-just some small code fixes -updated to new viper apk-added back support for older modem-added some su permissionsJan 29 2016-added long press flashlight tile to activate camera-added system ui tunner to VM13 Tweaks "part one of 2" part 2 is to remove it from settings.-added show battery charge animation to show on all screens-added timer to screen record-added cpu info to dev options-some minor code clean up in the build nothing relevent, just dead code removal.Jan 25-Fixed Network Traffic auto hiding in Bytes-Fixed Viper Audio not working with enforcing mode using Laura kernels "Thanks To Laura for her Kernel Edits"-Viper audio works with built in su or su beta 2.67 Jan 16 to 23 -touched up some code on past updates-fix backlight timeout-fix change wallpaper on lockscreen no longer need a reboot.-fix dpi on 280-added priv apps in system app remover-added double coloumn and doulbe title text in settings/display "huge thanks to DU team"January 16 2016-added app versions to package installer-added reset battery stats-added disable camera shutter sound VM13 Tweaks Extras-remove audiofx -add in viper audio-added ota app-removed emergency call on swipe lockscreen-updated some strings in german telephony-fixed fc in preferred network mode German language -respect 2g if not supported-disabled Quicksettings on secure lockscreen.January 6 2016-Added switch in display settings to keep last app in recents.-changed the clear all button from white to materal color-Added Screencast in build.-replaced emoji with emojione 'feed back on these if you like or dislike'-Added LockClock Fonts to VM13 tweaks lockscreen settings-Added switch to show carrier text or remove carrier text on lockscreen and statusbar VM13 Tweaks statusbar-renamed animations string and vm13 extras string-apn support to add own in-some wifi permissions-merged in googles 6.0.1 r_10 commits-added support for new firmwareOctober 26 2015 ver 6.0 first relase Source Download VM13 firmware* to install VM13Make sure your using twrp If you use any other version then this to flash the latest firmware DO NOT TELL ME YOUR PHONE HAS NO SERVICE OR DON'T BOOT!! I WONT ANSWER YOU.Make back up of current rom!!!!!If coming from LPFactory Reset, (full wipe) dalvic/casche, system , data, cascheFlash updated FirmwareFlash RomFlash Gapps Flash chainfire su beta for mm (this is not needed its your choice. How ever, if you wish to use custom kernels +Viper Audio Then you must flash the up to date beta version of systemless su 2.67) "not required if use stock kernel or Laura's kernel"if you don't flash su and are not going to use viper and you want root then go to developers options and enable do you get developers options? go to about phone and press 7 times on build nubmer, then go back to settings and you will see it.while your in there turn on advanced reboot.Reboot SystemPhone will reboot after optimizing apps is done.Enjoy!!!!Turn on Cellular Data is always active in Developers options, So pic messages will send ok.Do not post bugs without logs, or I will have them deleted!Search before you ask questions.Do not quote my op.Follow us on pushbullet To the Team not post mirriors