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  1. From now on only donations will get the app. PM or post your confirmation number and I will send you the file. Working on an update now. Good things coming. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  2. OP updated with new fixes and a Bluetooth Booster
  3. I have to edit the OP. No time right now. Seems Tapatalk links won't work in here and my browser named them wrong.
  4. It may be going to the Play Store only. I offered as donation Ware but so far no one has donated at all for updates. I have a new release sitting here about ready to go. Many bugs fixed. Toggles all now working. Profile picture and all working. Logins fixed. Hours of work put into this app.
  5. Credits first off to my friend Freeza for which this mod was based off of. He gave me the go ahead to use and moddify any way I like. This is the result. Edit: Added bluetooth boost. Bottom of post. Test and let me know. Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link: If you want to support a broke dad of four kids any donations are appreciated. I am also planning on building ROMs for the V20 since most devs have dropped out. I am also almost finished with my complete social app. Any donations will get you my social app for free. It will be on the Play Store soon. However if you donate PM me with your donation info and I will send you a copy for free. Credits first off to my friend Freeza for which this mod was based off of. He gave me the go ahead to use and moddify any way I like. This is the result. I understand there are many files here but I like options. Trying to support as many V20 variants as we have. This is tested and works flawlessly on my Sprint LS997. This should work for all variants but this is made from latest firmware updates ZV7. This is something I have been working on for a few days and have now got it Perfected. I bring you Stereo sound via Front and Bottom firing speakers. Lowered volume to help protect your expensive device. I bring you Quad Dac high impedance mode when HiFi is enabled. Enjoy the full audiophile experience. Hit like if this helped you out. Unzip the file. Place it in root of internal storage in folder System/etc. Set permissions, turn device off then power back on. That is all. After setting my device up again I am pretty sure I found the problems some had as I had them that time. Found and fixed the problems. Hifi really FORCED with Stereo. rootlinux stereo high impedance FIXED Louder FIXED Volumes bumped up but still below dangerous levels. Louder MAX version 1 Louder MAX version 2. Master volumes turned up More pronounced stereo effect FIXED Louder front speaker to blend sound levels for a more emersive feeling. High Impedance Bottom speaker ONLY loud without stereo effect. Restore to default settings. OLDER [HIDE] If you are on older firmware, try this file. It doesn't work on my updated firmware as it is based on my friend Freeza's older firmware update and modded further by me. Louder Test Mod based on Freeza's mod. More pronounced stereo sound. Louder front speaker ( still well under max volume ) to get a better sound experience. Even more pronounced stereo effect test file. Try it and let me know. Based on latest firmware. [/HIDE] Bluetooth BOOST ( JUST REALIZED ) IF YOU PLUG IN HEADPHONES, TURN OFF BT. OR TOGGLE IT OFF AND BACK ON TO FIX LOUDNESS ON WIRED HEADPHONES. My bluetooth mod on some players will force MAXIMUM VOLUME and it is loud. Maybe louder than my sound mod itself. BT mod is loud. [emoji16] Test this. Unzip and place in system/etc Backup original first. Set permissions and Reboot. If no effect or bootloop replace with original. If no bootloop but no effect, I may need your buildprop. If you are on Sprint rom Classic LS997, I can just post mine. All devices and roms have puildprop varients.
  6. I am thinking about going old school and making a version of this strictly donation ware available only here and on my G+ community. I will have one on the Play store but create one just for my friends and loyal fans. Unlike some money hungry devs I believe if people like it they will donate whatever they can afford and whenever they want. As a long time member of the Android community I have much to base my opinion on. Check my work on XDA, here and PPCGEEKS as well as the other usual spots. Thank you and sorry about the Google Play issues. It said the update went live but it never became available for users so I unpublished it till I figure out the error. It worked till I sent it to the Play Store. Let me know what you think of the app. I need to fix the toggles for add ons and add a few more things on my to do list. Other than the toggles everything works as expected. Add ons work they just can't be removed from the navigation bar just yet but soon. David Sent from my LG-ls990 using Tapatalk
  7. The Play Store isn't updating correctly. As I work to solve the problem I am going to post a first release beta here. You can donate via the app itself. Once I get the Play Store straightened​out all updates will go there. Let me know what you think. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Expect updates to fix any bugs and also to add new features soon. Please show your support and give me some good ratings. [emoji6] Thank you and I hope you like the app. Almost all social networks included with many custom Facebook features and messenger is included. Upload and down load photos and videos. Multiple logins. Elite Bar can be added to notification shade for fast access. Can choose large or small icons. The bar will open a full featured pop-up window. Many options can be accessed through long press. Long press on an article in your feed to open a floating window and never leave your page. Use the Floating FAB button to add location, upload photos/videos. Tap messenger to open a floating messenger window on top of your current page without ever leaving it. This window also has full Facebook access while never leaving your current page. Long press FAB to jump to the top. All notifications work and you can turn them on or off and even select a delay. Lots more included. Check it out. Thank you for your support. David. Look down for a free beta release for you all to test. Donate if you like it and if you can. Read the post with the test version for full details. Thank you. Putting my faith in the users like it should be done. Play link currently unpublished till next update. More will be fixed and added. For now use this donation link to support my work. Click below image If the image doesn't work via Tapatalk Download link in post #9. Scroll down.
  9. I actually like those better than the real iPhone. Sent from my LG-ls990 using Tapatalk