OmnibusElite is now active in first release. Edit: Do to a Play Store error, I am offering this app here as donation ware.

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Expect updates to fix any bugs and also to add new features soon.

Please show your support and give me some good ratings.

Thank you and I hope you like the app.

Almost all social networks included with many custom Facebook features and messenger is included. Upload and down load photos and videos.

Multiple logins.

Elite Bar can be added to notification shade for fast access. Can choose large or small icons. The bar will open a full featured pop-up window.

Many options can be accessed through long press.

Long press on an article in your feed to open a floating window and never leave your page.

Use the Floating FAB button to add location, upload photos/videos. Tap messenger to open a floating messenger window on top of your current page without ever leaving it. This window also has full Facebook access while never leaving your current page.

Long press FAB to jump to the top.

All notifications work and you can turn them on or off and even select a delay.

Lots more included. Check it out.

Thank you for your support.


Look down for a free beta release for you all to test.

Donate if you like it and if you can.

Read the post with the test version for full details.

Thank you. Putting my faith in the users like it should be done.

Play link currently unpublished till next update.

More will be fixed and added.


For now use this donation link to support my work.

Click below image


If the image doesn't work via Tapatalk

Download link in post #9.

Scroll down.

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Downloaded and tried opening it. Force closed every time.

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The Play Store isn't updating correctly.

As I work to solve the problem I am going to post a first release beta here. You can donate via the app itself.

Once I get the Play Store straightened​out all updates will go there.

Let me know what you think.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I am thinking about going old school and making a version of this strictly donation ware available only here and on my G+ community.

I will have one on the Play store but create one just for my friends and loyal fans.
Unlike some money hungry devs I believe if people like it they will donate whatever they can afford and whenever they want.
As a long time member of the Android community I have much to base my opinion on.
Check my work on XDA, here and PPCGEEKS as well as the other usual spots.
Thank you and sorry about the Google Play issues.
It said the update went live but it never became available for users so I unpublished it till I figure out the error. It worked till I sent it to the Play Store.

Let me know what you think of the app.
I need to fix the toggles for add ons and add a few more things on my to do list.
Other than the toggles everything works as expected.
Add ons work they just can't be removed from the navigation bar just yet but soon.


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Screenshots and view of donation link in settings.Screenshot_20170612-234746.pngscreener_20170430(00:52:38).pngscreener_20170430(00:53:11).png

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7 hours ago, Manfred Elsing said:

is this app running and still under developement?The idea is great!

Yes it is still active and I am working on an update.


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